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Anti Burberry

Burberry...scourge of the streets

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How did this come to be?

Burberry is FOUL.

It's a very expensive pattern, hence the hundreds of cheap knock-offs and "Almost Burberry" items sold on dodgy markets and on our on high street. THIS is where our war begins.

An old, sophisticated (and obviously rich) lady with a Burberry handbag was excusable once upon a time. Older people can get away with not-so-cool gear, and if they wanted to show off their 'more money than sense' tastlessness, good on them.

Things have changed.

Burberry has been the scourge of our street corners and bus stops for too long.

This community is for all to point and laugh at or take out our frustrations on Burberry specimens. Please post whatever you feel is necessary.

[Things have been a bit quiet...come on kids!]